Troop 70 is returning to Florida Sea Base from June 12-19, 2014. We have reserved three (3) Coral Reef Sailing crews. We will be Crew
#CRF061314ABE with three Coral Reef Sailing crews. Gabe MackInney will serve as our youth contingent leader. We expect the total cost to be
around $1,300.00 with opportunities to fundraise. The payment schedule can be found below.

Fees and Payment Schedule
Dates and amounts are based on the 2008 program and are subject to change. As reference, total fees, including FSB and travel expenses, for 2009
were approximately $1,200.00.

  1. 01/10/13 $100/person due
  2. 04/04/13 $200/person due
  3. 06/13/13 $200/person due
  4. 09/05/13 $200/person due
  5. 11/14/13 $200/person due
  6. 02/27/14 $200/person due
  7. 04/24/14 $200/person due

2014 Sea Base Participants

2014 Itinerary
04/24/14 07:00 PM -- Contingent meeting during troop meeting. Read your Florida National High Adventure Sea Base Participant Guide prior to this
meeting. These were distributed a few months ago. If for some reason you didn’t get one let me know, or you can view it online at
com/publication/?i=126259. Final $200 payment due. Any additional cost (either due to our only taking 23 participants or some other unexpected cost)
will be announced and due on May 22.

05/01/14 Troop T-shirt orders are due.
Download the order form and turn in to the troop Scribe.

05/22/14 07:00 PM -- Contingent meeting following Court of Honor. One person from each crew to be CPR-certified. 7. Annual Health and Medical
Records are due on May 22 for all Florida Sea Base participants. Please do NOT turn them in earlier. Please use the Florida Sea Base version
available at
http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_seabase.pdf. Also turn in a front/back copy of your current insurance card as
well as your proof of age (i.e. government-issued ID) NOTE: If you already have an Annual Health and Medical Record certified by a licensed examiner
sometime after June 19, 2013, you may use it for Florida Sea Base if you print and attach the Florida Sea Base Risk Advisory that is part of the
previously linked version of the form.

06/12/14 11:15 AM -- Arrive at Philadelphia International Airport's Southwest Airlines departure terminal in field uniform, sans neckerchief.

06/12/14 01:15 PM -- Flight #1574 departs for FLL

06/12/14 03:55 PM -- Flight #1574 arrives at FLL

06/12/14 04:30 PM -- Shuttle bus to Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel. Room assignments will be given upon arrival. $ to be distributed for Day 1
Dinner and Day 2 Breakfast and Lunch.

06/12/14 05:00 PM -- Free time.

06/12/14 11:00 PM -- Scouts curfew; must be in hotel rooms. Crew leaders take roll and check in with contingent leaders.

06/13/14 10:30 AM -- Southern Bus Lines charter service to Florida Sea Base in Islamorada, FL.

06/13/14 01:00 PM -- Arrive at Florida Sea Base

06/19/14 09:30 AM -- Southern Bus Lines charter service to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport

06/19/14 02:00 PM -- Flight #614 departs for PHL

06/19/14 04:45 PM -- Flight #614 arrives at PHL

06/19/14 05:00 PM -- Participants may be picked up at Southwest Airlines arrivals / baggage claim.

2014  Cost Estimates >> Updated 03/22/14
$  275.80 per person  Airfare via Southwest Airlines
$    13.20 per person  Airport Shuttle *Confirmed; due at time of service*
$    49.67 per person  Hotel (first night) at Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel *Paid*
$    50.00 per person  Meals (Day 1 D; Day 2 B, L; Day 8 L)
$    53.00 per person  Motor Coach via Southern Bus Lines ($1,176 total/24 people plus tip)
*Deposit paid; balance due at time of service*
$  781.25 per person  Florida Sea Base ($6,250.00 per crew) *Paid*
$       1.63 per person  Crew Photo CD ($13.00 each if pre-purchased)
$     75.45 per person  Contingency
$1300.00 per person Total maximum estimate due to Troop
-      00.00 per person fundraising
$1300.00 per person

Additional spending money for Fort Lauderdale and the Ship's Store is the responsibility of the Scout. $100-$150 is recommended.

What Else?
All participants are covered by the sailing vessel's fishing license.
All participants must have a Peacemaker t-shirt to use as a Class B uniform.
All participants must turn in the FSB Medical Form, and only this version of the form, on May 22.

Florida Sea Base Coral Reef Sailing
Florida Sea Base Health & Medical Record
Florida Sea Base Participants Guide
Scholarship Application Form

Eligibility Requirements
  1. Each participant must be a registered Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, Venture Scout, or Adult Leader.
  2. Participants must be thirteen (13) and graduated from the 8th grade or fourteen (14) years old to participate in all programs.  Youth who would
    be eligible to attend the summer season (May-August) ARE eligible for spring program of that year (February-April).  AGE REQUIREMENTS
  3. The ability to swim 100 yards (official BSA swim test) and stay afloat for one (1) minute.
  4. Must be in good health evidenced by a BSA Health and Medical form filled out and signed by your doctor within the past 12 months. A special
    SCUBA Medical and Waiver are required for the SCUBA Certification Program. Inquire early with questions about medical requirements for
  5. Must be a Certified Diver for the SCUBA Adventure Program by a certified agency nationally recognized by the BSA.
  6. No participant may weigh in excess of 295 pounds. Participants not meeting this requirement will be sent home at their own expense.
  7. All participants must know and use the scout Oath and Law as their guide to appropriate behavior at Sea Base.

Crew Requirements
  1. Exceptions to these requirements will not be made.
  2. In keeping with the policies of the Boy Scouts of America, requirements for acceptance and participation at Sea Base are without regard for
    race, color, creed or national origin.
  3. At least half of the members in every crew must be youth.
  4. Be registered members of a chartered unit, a Scout troop or team, with proper leadership, a Venture crew (if coed, must have male and
    female adult leaders, age 21 or over) or be a Council or District contingent with proper leadership.
  5. All registered adults must have completed the BSA Youth Protection Training or Venturing Youth Protection Training. (This is required for the
    National Tour Plan.)
  6. At least one person must be trained in Wilderness first aid and CPR from any recognized agency and in Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat
    – this is for your tour plan.

Adult spots will be awarded to active, trained Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Members, and Eagle Scout alumni, in that order. Interested adults
must turn in a $100 deposit, however please note that turning in a deposit in no way guarantees participation. If not selected, adult deposits will be

www.bsaseabase.org for more information!
Matt Bib
Ken Dahl
Zack Zinner
Aeddon Berti
Nick Jensen (T75)
Gabe MacKinney
Sean McEvoy (T123)
Kellen Tangora
Blair Helmick
Chris Lazar
Matthew Singles
Clay Helmick
Christopher Lazar
Christopher Morris
Kyle Shull
Michael Tobin
Rick Heckenstaller
Tony Kinney
Alison Mack
Steven Andreas
Ricky Heckenstaller
Lukas MacKinney
Connor O'Neill
Brandon Reed