Troop #70 is returning to Maine High Adventure during the summer of 2016! We will have three crews departing for Maine on Friday, June 25, 2016
and returning on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Participants must be registered Boy Scouts or Adult Leaders.
  • Participants must be thirteen (13) years old by September 1, 2016.
  • Every participant must have a current health history (within 90 days) and a current medical examination (within one year) from a physician
    licensed to practice medicine. Maine High Adventure will provide medical forms for this purpose in a kit of material sent to leaders; these will
    be distributed once they arrive.
  • Every canoeing participant should be able to swim 100 yards easily while wearing footwear.
  • No participant may weigh in excess of 300 pounds.
  • All participants must know and use the Scout Oath and Law as their guide to appropriate behavior at Maine High Adventure.

Crew Requirements
  1. 6 to 11 people, including adults (12 or more requires multiple crews)
  2. One leader 21 or over required while at MHA, two usually required while traveling in route to / from MHA.
  3. All registered adults must have completed the B.S.A. Youth Protection Training.
  4. Youth members must be trained in CPR and have earned Canoeing merit badge.
  5. Leaders must be trained in first aid, CPR, Trek Safely, Safe Swim Defense and Safety Afloat.

Fees and Payment Schedule
Dates and amounts are based on the 2011 program and are subject to change.
  • 07/01/15    $50 / person due
  • tbd            $300 / person due
  • tbd            $300 / person due
  • tbd            $300 / person due

As reference, total fees, including MHA and travel expenses, for 2011 were approximately $900.00 (check and then upgrade this). Youth can defray
costs through individual fund raising efforts (poinsettia sales, for example). We are looking at creating group fund raising efforts to help defray travel
and lodging expenses (e.g., car washes).

Visit for more information!

2016 Maine High Adventure Participants

Each crew will carry out a separate trek, whose elements will be selected during check in at Maine High Adventure.

*  crew leader, youth (to be chosen at a later date)
+ crew adviser, adult

Timeline & Itinerary

07/01/15      $50.00 deposit due
tbd 2016      $300.00 (estimated) payment due
tbd 2016      $300.00 (estimated) payment due
tbd 2016      $300.00 (estimated) payment due

             07:00 PM Crew Meetings
    2 copies of MHA medical forms
    1 front / back copy of insurance cards
    1 copy of proof-of-age (license, state ID, birth certificate, or equivalent)
             08:00 AM Pick up rental vans from
             08:30 AM Meet at SS. Peter & Paul Church
             09:00 AM Travel by van from Wilmington, DE to
             01:00 PM Stop for lunch $7
             06:00 PM Arrive at hotel near
             07:00 PM Dinner $10
             11:00 PM Lights out
             08:00 AM Wake up
             09:00 AM Breakfast $6
             10:00 AM Depart for Patten, ME
             04:30 PM Arrive at Mt. Chase Lodge (
             06:00 PM Dinner
             10:00 PM Lights Out
            05:00 AM Wake up
            06:00 AM Breakfast
            07:00 AM Depart for Maine High Adventure
            08:00 AM Arrive at Maine High Adventure
            (Check in, swim test, select trek routes, begin treks)
            Treks end (return to Maine High Adventure)
            07:00 AM Depart from Maine High Adventure; pack vehicles for return trip
            08:00 AM Breakfast at Mt. Chase Lodge
            09:00 AM Depart for Wilmington, DE
            12:30 PM Stop for lunch $7
            05:30 PM Stop for dinner $10
            09:00 PM Arrive at SS. Peter & Paul UOC
            10:00 PM Drop off rental vans at

Driving Instructions (to be provided)

Actual Costs (2011)
$   119.27 per person Van transportation ($1,312.02 total)
$     25.00 per person Fuel ($275.00 total)
$       5.00 per person Tolls (55.00 total)
$     30.00 per person Meals en route ($330.00)
$     31.00 per person Hotel near Freeport ($341.00 total)
$     44.94 per person Mt. Chase Lodge ($494.34 total)
$   504.00 per person Maine High Adventure ($5,544.00 total)
$     85.00 per person MHA contingency ($935.00 total)
$       7.00 per person MHA crew photo ($77.00 total)
$       8.00 per person Mt. Chase Lodge return breakfast ($88.00 total)
$     19.55 per person Camp Sayre ($215.05 total)
$       2.75 per person Parking in Boston ($30.00 total)
$     60.00 per person Meals return trip ($660.00 total)
$     59.49 per person Trip contingency
$1,001.00 per person

Additional spending money en route is the responsibility of the Scout.

What Else?
All participants must have a Peacemaker t-shirt to use as a Class B uniform.
All participants must turn in the MHA Medical Form, and only this version of the form, on June 24.

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